Let Me Count the Ways


I love working with my family...I get the most joy in seeing them all over my web sites and promo pictures....I took alot of pleasure in working with my beautiful sister.  It is easy to achieve many different looks by using unique effects in post processing and is an important way for you to choose how your work is perceived.  At the end of the day satisfy yourself and no one else.

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Now you see it....Now you don't


Painting somone into another image can be challenging but also very fun!!!  Wathcing someone disappear into a background full of texture or mangled color is a hoot but it takes practice and a careful eye and even though you may only achieve a partial blending and your image may not line up 100 % the effect is still strong and can be visually pleasing.  I Painted my beauitful friend Alyssa into an interesting setting and then her husband, Eric, took the photos.  It always helps when your work is captured by an incredible photographer!  Love Pic Love is a company I would highly recommend for any type of photographic work.....they are excellent!  I was pleased with this result.

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Body Painting Intensity is Attractive!!!!

Face and body painting are so very expressive and can be intensely attractive.  I recently painted a friend with a design I love doing, eyes on eyes.....I loved the intensity of the black and white and the additional fun with eye contacts....by making small changes you can gain more design options for whatever your clients are looking for.  Above all keep your quality high, people see what you say in your art.

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Body Art Flower Power!!!!!!


When I initially began body painting I painted flowers alot.  As a woman I love flowers and everything that goes with them, wonderful smells and earthy natural beauty that only God can create.  I had to force myself to expand as an artist but on occasion I still love painting them and adore them on my daughter, Nicole who happens to be crazy photogenic.  On this occasion I had the pleasure of working with Thomas Garza, an excellent artist and a friend.  Over the years I have learned that photography is an art all unto itself and after painting for several hours it is sometimes difficult to maintain the necessary momentum to do a great photo shoot so I will often rely on another artist to document what I do.  I don't care what anyone, beyond the family I love, thinks so here are more flowers!!!!!!  ALWAYS do what you love and never worry about the small things.



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