Convention Classes FABAIC

I recently went to FABAIC which translates to Face and Body Art International Convention where I taught beginners body painting with my sweet friend Pashur!  It was a great experience and I had alot of fun doing it.  They had tracts this year where folks were able to take the class for 3 days and then receive a certification for the course.  I think it helped out that a person was able to actually paint someone 3 times so they truly get the fell of body is a face just much bigger....LOL I was also painted by Lynne Jamieson at this event I agreed to be her model for class.  She is an amazing world class artist from Australia and the sweetest woman alive.  I love my Aussie friend!

Sharon with Pashur at FABAIC, body painting classes, bustierbody painting classes orlando floridaFace painting by lynne jamieson