3-D Body Painting mixed with 2-D.... totally fun!!!!


I love art and I am always fascinated with the twists and turns that certin aspects of it take......again I always say that you only limit is your imagination and today again I was shown that in spades.  An incredible artist, Charlie Gonzalez, shot my beautiful daughter, Nicole at my studio.  Charlie is in love with the vintage aspect of photography and has an incredible flare for that artistic time period.  We decided to mix 3-D fashion with 2-D painting and the effects were awsome.  I did her dirty make-up, blood touches, bruises and arm cuffs.  It is very often fun to collaborate with someone that has incredible vision and I cannot wiat the see Charlie's finished photographs but here is a sneak preview, a simple photograph that I did with some digital enhancement.  Again, I LOVE what I do!

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