OOPS! I Did It Again!

Again!!!!!! I love painting pregnant tummies!  Expecting Moms have a beauty that only life knows the secret to and that inner beauty is an aura that swirls around them.  I took this opportunity to also show how important it is to post process your pictures and how you can apply different dimensions to your work and at the end of the day it is YOUR work.  How you want that work presented is completely up to you and whatever photographer you choose to work with.  I often do my own photography and love that art form all on it's own but I also like the idea of being in control of my art and when you share your work you also share your art so be sure that you are working with someone that you respect and trust. There are also a vast number of ways that you can be creative with Photo Shop but always be careful that you don't lose the integrity of what you painted with too much tweaking less is always more but there are exceptions to every rule.  Here are some examples of how you can tweak one session to achieve different looks.

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Tummy painting, belly painting by Sharon Hodges, body painter dallas tx


Body Painting Pregnant Tummys


I love what I do....all aspects of it but there are some areas that are truly special and that is gestational art or painting the "baby bump".  Expectant Mothers have a glow and an aura that is unmistakable and irresistable and it is a wonderful shared moment to create art on something that is already the most incredible piece of art that anyone in this life will do.  I often share my opinion that the most important art I ever did or will do is my daughter, Nicole.  There is nothing more perfect or important than motherhood and the only true legacy we leave behind is the piece of ourselves that enriches this world.  The rest is gravy!  Painting on Mothers is an honor and a priviledge.....I recently worked my sweet friend, Hallie Garcia, what fun!  It is always a challenge to create something different so this time I tried to incorporate her hands in the event and it really turned out a little "freaky cool".  We barely made it River Garcia was born just a few days later......thanks Hallie for the moment!




Body Painting Tummy

Baby Bump Art

3-D Body Painting mixed with 2-D.... totally fun!!!!


I love art and I am always fascinated with the twists and turns that certin aspects of it take......again I always say that you only limit is your imagination and today again I was shown that in spades.  An incredible artist, Charlie Gonzalez, shot my beautiful daughter, Nicole at my studio.  Charlie is in love with the vintage aspect of photography and has an incredible flare for that artistic time period.  We decided to mix 3-D fashion with 2-D painting and the effects were awsome.  I did her dirty make-up, blood touches, bruises and arm cuffs.  It is very often fun to collaborate with someone that has incredible vision and I cannot wiat the see Charlie's finished photographs but here is a sneak preview, a simple photograph that I did with some digital enhancement.  Again, I LOVE what I do!

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Steam Punk Body Art is sooooooooo Fun!

Well, I tried my hand at steam punk this past week and what fun that was.  I was fortunate enough to paint with 2 wonderful friends of mine Kristal White and Vicki Long in Kristal's really nice new studio.....it was painters heaven.  I had seen some steam punk images before but had never attempted to create the look but loved the challenge of it......it is edgy, it is different and it has incredible directional values.....you can take it anywhere.  I worked with my incredible friend Kirsten who is an awsome model to create this look and I have to say that I was very pleased with the outcome....enjoy everyone and step out of your boxes.....the water is great!


Hugs Sharon


steam punk body painting by sharon hodges dallas, texassteam punk body painting dallas texas by sharon hodges

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