I offer my clients a collaborative conceptual experience based on mutual vision and personal taste.

“Every design is an original creation and as a personal touch I like to get to know my clients so that outward art is an expression of an inner vision”

Personal Designs: Local

  • Pre shoot meeting for design and layout
  • Privacy of an exclusive studio
  • Complete design with one hour photo shoot
  • Design time depends on the concept but usually requires 4 to 6 hours to construct and apply

Personal Designs: On Location

  • Will travel/ fly to site specific event
  • Pre shoot personal/ phone meeting for design and layout
  • Prices include travel expenses, and any assistance (if necessary)

Walking Advertisement:

When launching a new brand or calling attention to a campaign, body painting builds excitement and makes your event stand out.

People are fascinated when the line between model and paint virtually disappear. You take your event to the next level when I use my skills to recreate your brand in a way that no one has ever seen before.

Services Include but not limited to:

Birthday/ Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, Clothing Designs, Trade Shows…the opportunities are endless!


Each client is unique and so are the fees, please inquire for more details